Horse Sense

Horse Sense

It's Changing Lives...NMET Equine Assisted Horse Sense Program

Horse Sense is NMET’s unique equine assisted program using a horse’s incredible ability to pick up on human emotion and use it to build confidence in the potential rider.

HorseSense, NMET’s equine assisted program, utilizes the qualities of a horse while providing the education and confidence needed to feel comfortable around one of these powerfully majestic animals.

Horses have an incredible ability to pick up on human emotion. They see and react to stress in their presence. Every tense muscle is felt, and its reactions are based on changes in your emotions. Being comfortable around a horse is initially difficult, but once you learn proper communication, your confidence builds. When your horse senses your confidence, your relationship strives.

"I love this place and will never leave. It is the only thing that works for me."
Horse Sense Student

Do you struggle with anxiety, depression, or low esteem issues?


Have you always wanted to be around horses but fear got in the way? 

Horses don't judge

Regardless what happens outside NMET’s facility, when you are here, your horse will not judge you. You can be “you”…so the time and lessons learned during your time are meant for you and you alone. We ask you for one thing. The confidence you create for yourself through your therapy horse is taken outside our facility and into your everyday life.

YOU WILL CHANGE, and as you experience these changes, you will find the lessons learned through your Horse Sense experience has significant effects on your anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, or other invisible scars that have you trapped.

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