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We are a 501c3 non-profit outpatient rehabilitation facility using equine assisted therapy and the natural movement and demeanor of a horse to help with physical, emotional, and mental challenges.

With a horse’s guidance and support, our Hippotherapy, Horse Sense, At-Risk Youth, and Veterans programs are offered by licensed professionals and equine specialists to provide the community with the best quality service.

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Horses: Healing In Many Ways

Conquering goals is important to Northern Michigan Equine Therapy. Over the years, we have seen many conquer their individual needs.

NMET’s first bright star was a young lady who made great strides with a neurological disorder where changes in textures were intolerable. During her first hippotherapy session (equine assisted therapy), she ran from the concrete aisle onto grass without second thought.

Zander, pictured right, is a rock star with Pitt Hopkins Syndrome and was told he would never walk. On his fifth birthday and during his fifth session at NMET, Zander walked from his therapy horse, Adele, to his mother’s waiting arms for the first time. Not a dry eye in the barn that day!


This form of occupational, physical, and speech therapy uses a horse as the therapeutic tool. This strategy uses a horse’s presence and movements as the primary way to achieve functional goals.

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Horse sense

Horse Sense, NMET’s equine assisted program, utilizes the qualities of a horse while providing the education and confidence needed to feel comfortable around one of these powerfully majestic animals.

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At-Risk Youth

NMET believes a horse’s unconditional love provides honest feedback to the client.  This feedback provides essential skills to build effective relationships with the horse and outside our facility.

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Equine Assisted Therapy is a powerful way to help our Veterans find their own internal controls to manage both visible and invisible wounds they endure during combat.

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Northern Michigan Equine Therapy harnesses the natural healing powers of a horse to assist and strengthen what is needed for more independent life.

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