Paint/Draft Cross


Anger Management

Skills Therapist

Tank has a very strong and bold personality. He excels in being a bit pushy due to his strength and size which, in turn, teaches many how to calmly manage anger.

Tank’s favorite treats are allllll the treats — but mostly apples, carrots and peppermints.



Halflinger Pony


Physical and Emotional

Support Therapist

Adele excels in making everyone feel safe and comfortable. Her sweet personality and calm demeanor helps individuals requiring both physical support in our Occupational/ Physical Therapy sessions or mental health support in our HorseSense program.

Adele's favorite treat is GREEN grass.




Pony of the Americas


Athletic Development and

Confidence Therapist

Wesley is an athlete with a heart of gold. When working with a horse of his strength and ability, confidence is required in all interactions with him. Giving up is never an option with him.

Wesley’s favorite treat are



Danny Boy



Self Esteem and

Self Care Therapist

Danny Boy’s sense of calm and confidence allows anyone to feel comfortable to express their worries, fears and anxieties which guides them to feel comfortable with self care.

Danny Boy’s favorite treat are






Clarity and Anxiety Management Therapist

Connery requires slow trusting hands and an open clear mind to work well with him. His requirements for a strong relationship helps you to let go of the past to lessen or remove anxieties of the future. 

Connery's favorite treat are Sour Patch Kids.



Quarter Horse


Education and Stability Therapist

Ellie is wise in her years and sets a standard for all working with her to have clear communication, strong foundations and reliability to be set for future success.

Ellie’s favorite treat are apples.



Missouri Fox Trotter


Fear and Depression Management Therapist

Goldie's loving and attention-seeking demeanor allows you to be in the moment and teaches you to let go of all fears and anxieties while navigating your depression or removing negative thoughts.

Goldie's favorite treat are carrots.



American Drum Horse (Gypsy/Shire)


Maternal Instinct Therapist

Lily's bold, strong and smart personality makes any individual working with her 100% focused at all times. She is in tune with her herd and handler‘s heartbeat, breath and nervous system. She has strong maternal instincts as she was a brood mare in her past. Her third and last foal was born at NMET on April 15, 2020.

Lily’s favorite treat are carrots.



American Drum Horse (Gypsy/Shire)


Youth Hope Therapist

Iris was born on the farm on April 15, 2020. During the pandemic she has given many people hope and  joy. Iris is a very kind and loving horse growing with a lot of positive energy. Being around her will make  you laugh and smile as she loves attention and will demand it even if you are not in the mood. She is a  good horse to meet first as she easily makes you comfortable on the farm. 

Iris’s favorite treat are apples.



Domestic Longhair


Welcome Therapist

Casey is a master greeter and welcoming barn cat! Casey loves alllll the attention and enjoys sunbathing, too. His friendly demeanor is one of the first things you will experience as you set foot on the farm!

Casey’s favorite treat is snuggling.